gpif is not triggered

Started by puniths_d October 13, 2008
 I am developing a cypress  FX2 firmware  to interface it with FIFO.  iam 
usinfg GPIF master mode. I have  downloaded cyconsole to test my firm ware
.  i have generated the control signals using the GPIF tool.   i am able to
download the firm ware and  check  the statue of the FIFO , GPIF ( for idle
) and EP2 (out) using the vendor commands . when a send the data from tne
host to EP2 for triggering a write transation , the statue of EP2 is not
empty which means there is some data .  the atatue of the FIFO is empty and
Gpif status is idle . but  when i read the GPIFTRIG status  it is not 
triggered  for thewrite transation. so write cycle is not initiated . iam
not  able to write data  into my FIFO. all the conditions are satisfied and
then also the GPIF  is not  trigerred for  fifo write .   can  any one help
?  the firm ware also contains the coding for triggering . what is wrong ?