The normal values of RTOS in ARM9?

Started by achilles October 16, 2008
      I am a student from China. I am trying to porting a RTOS from x86 to
ARM9 now. In my test phase, I find the basic performance values of my
ported RTOS are too longer than the original RTOS's values(average 10
times). I am very puzzle, i think maybe the MMU's code has something
inefficient. Can you give me some normal values(ARM920T 200MHz,MMU enabled)
and advices? 

                              The origin values         My values
CPU                           x86  400MHz               ARM920T 200MHz
threads switch in process     0.1 microsecond           2.92
threads switch between pro    0.72                      11.24
interrupt delay               3.62                      8.0
syscall delay                 1.85                      5.36

create thread                 25.50                     586.35
kill thread in pro            24.17                     646.65
kill thread of other pro      24.03                     578.30
Set priority                  6.71                      35.93