JTAG connection for ARM TMS470R1

Started by Thanushan November 6, 2008
Dear Sir/Madam,

I=92m using j-Link with IAR Embedded Workbench. I=92ve no problem using it
with TMS470R1B1M development board. When I tried with my own circuit
board (TMS470R1A288), having problem with JTAG interface. I don=92t
think anything wrong with j-Link, but I thought you might know what
might be wrong.

When I looked the signals on JTAG pins; there is about 70 TCK cycles
with no signals on the other lines. Then TCK, TDI and TMS lines are
generating right sequence of pulses (as explained in JlinkARM.pdf
documentation) but no signal on TDO.

Thanks for you help in advance. Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,