lf: oem embedded controller ...

Started by Unknown February 10, 2009
As a software guy, I'm looking for an OEM type controller suitable for an 
industrial setting that just needs to have programming added ... 
preferably an out of box solution with RTOS, a couple of relays, RT clock 
and some sort of simple user interface (touch screen/buttons whatever) 
ready to go, with protective enclosure and dev kit ... (C or Forth 

 	user interface with screen/buttons
 	minimum 1 relay with protection circuitry

   nice to have options:
 	keypad (pin)
 	ethernet/802.11/bluetooth communications
 	RFID FOB reader (alternative to pin security)

And of course, I'd like to pay practically nothing for it, but 
realistically, has anyone had any experiences with an affordable unit 
which will be able to effect time control of a solenoid???  Any pointers
appreciated ...