porting uClinux to ARM processor and RT application suggestions

Started by shant.kulkarni March 8, 2009
my final year team are working on the above mentioned project. 

we have installed the necessary tools such as arm-elf, arm-linux ,
installed the skyeye emulator and also run sample programs in UClinux.

now we are working on a development board that has the ARM 9 processor
S3C2410 (samsung). as a application to be developed we came up with
following options: a web server, PID control of inverted pendulum.

but we haven't been able to decide which one is feasible, and which would
enable us to demonstrate practically  a real time system.

another task given to us is to study the ISP capabilities of the arm9
processor, and come up with elementary board designs to implement the
We have not much knowledge about this.

could youll please suggest some ways/procedure to go about implementing
ISP and what are the basics to be known for the same. Also please comment
on the applications stated above.