Micronas UAC3556B IC

Started by Antti Keskinen January 17, 2005
Hi !

This is a repost of an earlier message. Forgive me for the repost, but the 
issue is somewhat critical, and I've just ran out of options.

Does anyone have exprience with this chip ? I managed to obtain a few
engineering samples, and I'm supposed to design an audio peripheral device
for PC USB bus. The problem is that the documentation of the chip says that
with standard firmware and drivers, it is possible to use the I2C bus to
output data (in this case, controlling data), but there are no examples

So, how on earth can I write or read anything through the I2C bus on the
UAC3556B ? Also, does anyone have any idea about the Windows drivers for
this chip ? If there are no special drivers, it identifies itself as an
Audio class device, but my design would require it to also support a
DirectShow filter for audio data input/output. Any suggestions on what to do
? I'm prepared to write a minidriver if required, but even in that case I'd
need some help on how to get started...

Antti Keskinen 

Hi Antti

I think, I can help you  ;-

Please contact me by mai

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