Re: OT: Linked Out?

Started by krw April 7, 2009
On Tue, 07 Apr 2009 11:07:37 -0700, Joerg
<> wrote:

>Joel Koltner wrote: >> "Joerg" <> wrote in message >> news:h8yCl.28550$ >>> That's a rather loud color scheme :-) >> >> My recollection is that Makita started all this with their kinda drab blue, >> Dewalt responded with bright yellow, leaving Hitachi to have to really go >> crazy with bright green and racing stripes. :-) >> >> My least favorite tool color is probably Harbor Freight orange though! Some >> of their newer tools have switched to more reasonable silver/grey color >> schemes.
Rigid orange isn't very appealing either.
> >You should see Harborfreight red. Yecch. Bought half a dozen meters. In >the ad they were yellow, but "Chinese red" ones (same specs otherwise) >came :-( > >I hope that it at least reduces the theft likelihood, probably nobody >wants to have that color.
"Harbor Freight" reduces the likelihood of theft. That's why I put them in my toolboxes. The Flukes stay hidden.