Read MPC855 Memory with Wiggler?

Started by RamblinPeck April 9, 2009
Hello everyone,

I'm very new to embedded systems, and debugging them.  Im teaching
myself and learning a lot on the way.

I'm having some trouble with the wiggler, and macraigor has been less
than helpful (dont blame them, I bought mine secondhand so they dont
have much incentive).

I can use the OCD Commander software just fine, but I'd like a way to
download larger portions of memory and dump to a file as Im trying to
figure out some decompression issues, and the way things are laid out
in memory by default for this particular device/chip.

The documentation of Flash Programmer (and the targetaccess dll, but
the example program is giving me access violations when trying to
setup, so Im not sure about that at the moment) seems to suggest that
this would be possible, but the mpc855 chip is not included and Im not
familiar enough with the registers to know what settings for some of
the other mpc8xx chips to modify.  If someone could point me in the
right direction for that information, or to a .ocd file that has
already been created I would appreciate it.

Have no problem with the registration fee for these, as I know I'd
like to push updates down to the device soon anyways, but I'd like to
know that I can communicate effectively with the device first.