Booting mpc855t while attached to debugger?

Started by RamblinPeck April 23, 2009
Hi everyone,
I've got an mpc855t based device that I'm trying to get booting and
debugged.  The device functions fine without the debugger attached but
I cannot get it to go through a full boot and come up with it (a
wiggler) attached and interfacing with it through GDB.  I believe it
has something to do with setting the chip select brX and orX registers
on reset, but I have not been able to figure out what I need to do.

It seems to be accessing all the chips correctly, as it seems to
decompress the image out of the flash and put it into the correct
parts of memory, as I can read and write those areas.  Though I am not
completely sure where the flash is being mapped to.

Thanks for any advice.