General Idea for a USB related proyect

Started by jarguello May 5, 2009
Hello there.
I´m new working with microcontroller, at the moment never try using USB.

I´planning to develop a interface PC-USB proyect (using atmel ATMEGA16),
where a infrared-led acts as a light analog sensor, depending on the leght
of hte light disturbance the microcontroler has to distinguish between two
posible paths, i was thinking on sending this signal to a PC-host software
where the host "sees" either two buttons or two keys (HID-joystik or
keyboard), on the pc-host software, the user should be able to choose from
a set or options where it is needed to send a activation signal back to the
microcontroller . I believe working with a Stardard HID joystik class it
would be easier to do the microcontroller feedback signal(i was thinking on
forcef-feedback signal on some joysticks), but im not sure about it.......
can any of you tell where sould i look to include this type of feature on
my proyect.. I realize recently changing the HID Descriptor would allow me
to configure my "joystick"..... is it the same for what i just describe?