Please give solution there is problem while interfacing AT25010A(serial EEPROM) with LPC 2103

Started by penchaljammula May 21, 2009
    I'm interfacing LPC2103(SPI0) with Serial EEPROM AT25010A to write
data in to the EEPROM I have to sent 2 COmmands
WREN(0x06),WRITE(0x02),Address(Let 0x00) and data(let 0x41) i'm using Keil
While i'm writing S0SPDR register(with out interfacing AT 25010A) with
these commands the register S0SPDR shows the value and data is on the Mosi
pin but whenever i interface with AT25010A the register S0SPDR was not
updated it shows the reset value(0x0000) .I correctly interface with serial
Please give solution to my Proiblem...
    Thanking you 

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