AT91RM9200-Ek u-boot problem

Started by pj0585 June 8, 2009

I'm working on the AT91RM9200-EK board. I've built my own u-boot for
booting. My u-boot boots the board properly. It is completely fine. The
problem is that when I follow the procedure to reprogram the flash, using
the file on Atmel CD, loader.bin then using my u-boot.bin, I do not get a
U-Boot prompt.

I am using the u-boot.bin on the Atmel CD for programming the flash and
then use my u-boot.bin for final booting. I'm having problem in programming
the flash on the custom board developed by me. I used a new flash chip
which is different from the one on the evaluation board. So I've a
requirement that I need to use my u-boot.bin to reprogram the flash.

Please give some inputs on this issue. I need my u-boot.bin to be able to
reprogram the flash. (It should give me a prompt when I load my u-boot.bin
using the XModem protocol.)

Thanks in advance...