USB3300 - Xilinx ML401 interface ...

Started by zubinkumar June 9, 2009
I wanted to send some data from the USB port of my computer to the Xilinx
ML401 board via the USB3300 card. My restriction is that I cannot use the
MircoBlaze package. When I connect the USB3300 to the Xilinx board and then
to the USB port of my computer, I donot get a VID and PID. I wanted to know
if I need some kind of VHDL code/core running on the ML401 initially that
activates the USB3300 card, populating the PID and VID and then sets it up
for further operations? In that case, where can I find this core online?
Also, how much time and effort will it take to make such a core/code in
VHDL from scratch?