Started by rezaul July 3, 2009
I am using a Kingston SDRAM 512MB for my virtex 2 pro development system.
I am working on image filtering where i have to send the image file to
SDRAM  from my PC. I am struck off in the following two steps:

1. How can I send the image file to the SDRAM. I can send some data values
to SDRAM by the following code in EDK

#define XPS_MEMRAM 0x60000000 //the starting address of the RAM as given
by EDK 
                              //upon adding SDRAM 
Xuint32 *RAM;

but i dont know how to transfer the whole file??? Also i am not sure
whether the procedure is correct??

2.How can i bring the data in SDRAM to the BRAM. Can i add BRAM to my EDK
and access it directly as i did in SDRAM. IF so how??? I was trying to
write code in VHDL to access the SDRAM... but it was very difficult for me
as i didnt get any nice example niether any controller for it??? 

Please help me if anyone have done work on this field

Thank you in advance