SDRAM initialization sequence

Started by Lucky443 September 5, 2009
  I am lucky, i am working with KMC board with NEC vr4131 processor and
samsung K4S561632C SDRAM. my processor have an inbuilt SDRAM control
When we are initializaing the sdram, we have to follow the sequence(200us
NOP, Precharge, 2xAuto Refresh and MRS) or initializaing the sdram
controller's registers is enough.
I tried by initializaing the SDRAM control unit registers
initialization.After the initialization, i copied my init code from flash
to ram.But the contents on the flash and copied code on the SDRAM is not
That means the problem is because of improper SDRAM initialization or
something else.
Any suggestion is greatly helpful.

Thanks in advance

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