AT91RM9200 and SPI Dataflash on CS0 - Linux Kernel

Started by Pelo...@ Home October 18, 2009
Does somebody have working Linux drivers atmel_spi and mtd_dataflash ?
I have AT91RM9200 with 8MB spi dataflash connetcted to SPI CS0.
Before I was using at91_spi and at91_dataflash in kernel 2.6.23 (patched 
from maxim) and it was workinf fine. When I switched to the atmel_spi 
and mtd_dataflash - I see that RM9200 sending data - byte 
OP_READ_STATUS, cs go down and up, and dataflash responds with status. 
But driver says that was nothing to read. Any comments are welcome :)

Best regards