help. MPC8280 SMC Uart.

Started by leilei November 25, 2009
I have written a device driver for MPC8280 SMC UARTS.
The MPC8280 has two SMC UARTS.When I use the each device through my
driver, it's ok.But when I use both of them at the same time, the SMC
UARTS can not send or receive any datas.

I have also referenced the drivers under vxWorks and Linux, did not
find any problems.

I have tried to find some details about the device, but there's no
more information.

I have also tried to check the SMC UARTs' status.But the SMC UARTs'
Parameter RAM have some internal state field, but the document just
tell me it can be used by the experienced user and CP.

Please give me some information to solve my problem.Or some documents
about the Parameter RAM's internal state.