USB HID on ML405/CY7C67300

Started by johnnash82 December 16, 2009

I'm trying to implement a simple communication link between my PC and the
FPGA. Having read that an HID is the simplest form of USB communication,
being a newbie in this, I decided to have a go at that (UART has been done,
I figured I could use the challenge, silly me :).

Problem's that the documentation for writing the firmware of the USB
controller (Cypress CY7C67300/EZ-HOST) is very scarce. Even worse is that
the demo code for their dev boards isn't working the way it should... When
I run it, the peripheral doesn't enumerate, usb trace shows absolutely no
data traffic, only a bunch of failed control packets, after which the
computer says there's a problem with my usb device. I really don't think
it's an issue with the hardware (not being run on their dev board), I ran
the code step by step and it _should_have_ worked.

Have any of you succeeded in implementing usb specifically on this
controller (it comes with the Xilinx ML403/405 board)? The only projects
I've seen so far are using the newer Cypress controllers (EZ-USB/FX2, with
8051 core), and all my questions, both on the xilinx and the cypres support
forums have gone unanswered.


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