MPLAB 6.6 and CCS C, good?

Started by Dennis Clark July 1, 2004
  I'm adding some new 18F stuff to my list of things I'm doing and want
to get MPLAB 6.6 installed.  I currently use CCS C 3.18 which says that
it is good to go on MPLAB 6.2 and up.  It is unclear to me whether my 
MPLAB 6.6 update will overwrite or coexist with my MPLAB 5.75 installation
and what I'll have to do to get CCS working with the whole lot.  Has 
anyone got any experience with this or should I just soldier on?

* Dennis Clark         * 
* "Programming and Customizing the OOPic Microcontroller" Mcgraw-Hill 2003 *    
I'd save your current MPLAB stuff away. Hopefully, you have the original CDROM
or ZIP files around somewhere. If not, remember to always keep them around! If
not, you can probably just install the new MPLAB to a new location (or move the
old stuff elsewhere).

You might also give the CCS people a call to see if their stuff can run on 6.6
(although 6.6 is pretty new. I don't remember seeing it around a week ago).

You can specify to install MPLAB in a different directory - I have the
old & new both installed.
The CCS should have a tool to patch itself into MPLAB; you just point
it to the correct directory.