Clock generator for 192KHz USB DAC

Started by Mahen K September 29, 2010
I am searching for 192Fs or 128Fs MCLK clock generators for the 192KHz
I2S DAC and came across MAX9485 from Maxim and PLL170x from TI. The
datasheets of these two parts say that they can generate 256Fs or
384Fs for 96KHz sampling rate and do not say anything about support
for 192KHz. Can I configure these clock generators for 96KHz @ 256Fs
or 96KHz @ 384Fs and use the ouptput as 128Fs or 192Fs for 192KHz
sampling arte respectively as the master clock requirement is same.

96KHz @ 256Fs = 192KHz @ 128Fs
96KHz @ 384Fs = 192KHz @ 192Fs

Thanks in advance