Re: RT/embedded OS use poll

Started by Marco December 23, 2010
On Monday, December 20, 2010 7:09:59 PM UTC-7, Stargazer wrote:

> At the same time you completely miss a point of comparison of "John > Doe's RTOS" vs Linux. Yes, most of "John Doe's" advantages are offered > by many commercial RTOS for 20-30 years and by free RTOS for 10+ > years. And with all that RTOS market is nearly dead and agonizing > (people evidenced it already in 2003-2004, >
> Some local success of > ARM-dedicated RTOS or in closed military market doesn't change the > global picture: Linux is a global winner of a market that it doesn't > even belong too.
Consolidation is a natural part of the free market system - it doesn't me= an that RTOSes (or probably more correct 'embedded OS' will all disappear -= that's why having the source code is important if you need long term maint= enance for your embedded project