LPC2478 LCD controller intensities and modulation rates

Started by Valio Simitrov July 8, 2011
Hello, i have a board with LPC2478 and 320x240 STN LCD. The LCD mode
is set to 4bpp, Mono, STN, Little Endian byte and pixel order.
I have initialized the palette with these values:

b0            hex                    address
0b0000000000000010     0000000000000000     0x00020000      0xFFE10200
0b0000000000000110     0000000000000100     0x00060004      0xFFE10204
0b0000000000001010     0000000000001000     0x000A0008     0xFFE10208
0b0000000000001110     0000000000001100     0x000E000C     0xFFE1020C
0b0000000000010010     0000000000010000     0x00120010      0xFFE10210
0b0000000000010110     0000000000010100     0x00160014      0xFFE10214
0b0000000000011010     0000000000011000     0x001A0018     0xFFE10218
0b0000000000011110     0000000000011100     0x001E001C     0xFFE1021C

Am i right to think that with these palette settings the most "white"
pixel will be the one with value 0x0 and the most dark with value 0xF?
The datasheet doesn't say anything about palette to pixel intensity
mapping so that's why i am asking here.
I wrote a test program that shows the different gray shades, and the
most "white" is with pixel value 0x6 , the one with 0x0 is actually
quite dark Which doesn't seems right to me :|