Free MCU kits!

Started by Leon January 31, 2012
Paul Curtis, of Rowley Associates, is getting rid of a lot of
and asked me to help him. Items are 100% pristine, and most have never
been turned on.

Atmel - AVR ICE200
Atmel - AVR32 EVK1100

Kanda - STK300 Starter Kit

Microchip - PICDEM CAN-LIN 1
Microchip - PICDEM CAN-LIN 2
Microchip - PICDEM CAN-LIN 3
Microchip - PICDEM LIN
Microchip - PICDEM 4
Microchip - PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit
Microchip - dsPICDEM Starter Kit

Analog Devices - BF533-STAMP
Analog Devices - BF537-STAMP
Analog Devices - AD7940 Add-On Board [for one of the above, no idea
Analog Devices - AD1836A Add-On Board [for one of the above, no idea

Netburner - MOD5270-KIT

Freescale - HC908GB60 Demo Kit
Freescale - DSP56F800 Demo Board

Elektronikladen - HC908GP32 Dev Kit

Softec Microsystems - HC08 Starter Kit
Softec Microsystems - ST7 Starter System + inDART-STX programmer

STMicrosystems - ST7MDT20-DVP3 (massive!)

Zilog Z8 Encore! Z8F642 MCU Eval Kit

Cyan Technology eCOG1 Evaluation Kit

EDTP - AirDrop-P

Olimex - PIC-MT-A

All he wants is the shipping cost (Paypal).

Contact Paul directly if you are interested:

Paul just told me that has had a lot of emails. He'll reply to them