EZ-ICE and software loading

Started by alb February 8, 2012
Dear all,

I found an interesting 'Engineer to Engineer Note' on AD 
6ee_34.pdf) on the booting process when the ez-ice is connected to the 
target device.

I was wondering if there is a similar note on the 'loading process' of an 
executable file into the target. I haven't found any.

I imagine the emulator will write the program memory (what about data 
memory?) according to what is specified in the executable, but is there any 
target register which is modified during this process?

And how does the emulator know that some areas cannot be written because 
they are in a ROM-type memory? I imagine it uses the architecture file which 
defines all the segments, but apparently it is not required when i load the 
executable into the target (ADSP21020 Emulator program).

Any reference and/or explanation would be helpful.