Tracing SWO Packets

Started by Sushant8186 April 13, 2012
I am using 32-Micro-controlller from Energy Micro having Cortex M3 core for
my development. The IDE is Eclipse Helios along with segger Jlink tools for
Problem description: I am trying to develop a application using Lightweight
IP stack on FREE RTOS as lower level operating system.Now there are many
Debug printf messages in LWIP stack which I want to get it displayed on
some kind of terminal or any console so I can debug my code.

I have enabled SWo using the Code provided by Energy Micro:void
setupSWO(void) function.I know the enabled code works for sure because
after calling the function and executing printf ("Hello world "),I can see
the SWO packets in SWV tab of JLINK V4.36e control panel.Also , in JLINK
Commander I can see the data packets by enabling by commands SWOread and
SWOshow.But to actually comprehend something from this packets is difficlut
for me. please suggest me whether I can use any software which can display
the debug printf messages directly.


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