Looking for USB hub with ULPI upstream port

Started by Allan Herriman September 4, 2012
I have a microcontroller that I'm considering using for a new design.  It 
has a USB controller with a ULPI interface that requires an external USB 
transceiver to connect to the USB DP and DM signals.

The chip has one ULPI but my application needs two USB host ports, so I 
need to use a USB hub.  I can find USB hub chips.  I can find USB 
transceiver chips as well (to convert ULPI to USB), but I can't find a 
single chip solution that will do both - ie. is a hub with a ULPI 
upstream port.

My application doesn't have extreme limits on size or cost, so a 2 chip 
solution would be ok, but I would prefer to use one part rather than two.

I've tried the USB usual suspects: SMSC, ST-Ericsson, ST, TI, NXP, 
Renesas, etc. but can't find anything.

Any ideas?

BTW, it must do USB 2.0 "High-Speed" i.e. 480Mb/s.
I just need host ports; there is no need for OTG.