Can't profile functions with STM32 and SWD

Started by Mark Borgerson September 14, 2012
I'm working with an STM32F205, which I can program and debug with an 
ST-LINK V2 and the SWD port.  I'm using IAR EWARM 6.40 and the C-Spy
debugger.  Programming, run, stop, breakpoints, etc, all work fine.
However, when I set up for SWO debugging, the SWO icon reports that
it is set up properly, but I never get any profiling data in the 
window.  The O-scope shows regular activity on the SWD and SWCLK
lines---but apparently none of that activity is generating profiling

Has anyone successfully done function profiling with this setup?
Am I missing some fundamental limitation of the ST-Link and C-SPY?

Mark Borgerson