Q wrt Bluetooth, USB, RS232 and controllers

Started by bit eimer April 29, 2004

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> By default, the module is configured as a slave waiting to be connected > to. I didn't have to do anything special for my application other than > setting the PIC UART to 38400 bps, which is the default setting for the > BT module. > > I'm working on some config functions in C for the PIC. It's possible > that Free2Move can offer some sample source code for the config > protocol, I haven't asked them yet. > > For me the deciding factor was the small size of the Free2Move module. > If size doesn't matter, you may want to consider the TDK modules. They > have a small PCB where you can insert the module for configuration > before integrating them with the target device. The Free2Move module I > have used needs to be soldered onto a PCB to be accessible to anything > (PC or PIC etc.)
Yeah, I just found the TDK module at this site: They also have a module by Wilcoxon, which looks kind of interesting just because they have an external antenna connection built in (my project is mounted in a metal box). Both are $110. -- ...The Bit Eimer [remove keinewurst to email me] "My goal in life is to be the kind of person my cat thinks he is" --------------------------------------------------------------