Re: Infineon XMC1000, XMC4000

Started by Jochen November 18, 2013
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Jochen wrote:
Hi all,

That chat is really interesting but I don�t see your problems to be honest. 

Asking for experiences of Infineon�s ARM Cortex devices and ending up in a
chat about normal/standard disclaimer topics is strange. 
Of course they put in this disclaimer, but you�ll find those limitation with
nearly every vendor of semis and they are forced to do so ? see Richard Damon

Coming to the real think ? the families of M0 & M4 is already available and
Infineon is offering samples, development kits and their IDE tool  since a
long time. 

We got a small kit during the trade show and we ordered several via our local
Distributor and I have to say, that our results met our expectations so far.
Also I like their set up of Dave ? quite useful to get started. 

Why don�t you contact them directly and raise your concerns to them ? I guess
they would like to get the feedback directly and will solve that

c u 


> obetz wrote: > > Hello All, > > the Infineon ARM Cortex derivatives (XMC4000 CM4, XMC1000 CM0) look > very interesting. Advanced peripherals, good value for the money. > > Is anybody actually working with them and wants to tell something > about what to observe? > > TIA, > > Oliver > -- > Oliver Betz, Munich > is broken, use Reply-To: >