Started by alb March 26, 2014
Hi everyone,

we have a modified microblaze (mblite) on top of which we added an fpu 
and everything is implemented in an FPGA. I'm now facing the issue to 
generate a toolchain for this platform [1] and I have some doubts on 
how to proceed.

First I'd like to say that I haven't found a single one release from 
Xilinx that I can potentially rely on. Several Xilinx webpages point to 
a very sparse and unclear set of releases (tarballs, git repos, 
binaries, ...).

That said, I came across crosstool-ng, a program that should facilitate 
the setting up of the toolchain, but I haven't had yet the time to play 
with it. From the documentation it seems you're guided through a 
configuration procedure to properly set all the cross-compilation 
parameters. But in the end how can I validate the toolchain?

Considering the implementation on the fpga might be somewhat buggy, I'd 
like to avoid using the platform to verify the toolchain. I've read few 
lines about the Deja Gnu project but it seems a lot of work ahead and a 
potentially harsh learning curve.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Thanks a lot,


[1] the toolchain is essential to build test programs that would run 
during fpga simulations (potentially post-layout) to spot any execution 

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