Problem MSP430 with free run and run

Started by jotoulon83 August 4, 2015

I work on an MSP430F2254 with a MSP-FETFlash Emulation Tool.
My code UART don't work in run but in free run. 

    MSP430F22x4 Demo - USCI_A0, Ultra-Low Pwr UART 9600 String, 32kHz
    Description: This program demonstrates a full-duplex 9600-baud UART
    USCI_A0 and a 32kHz crystal.  The program will wait in LPM3, and will
    respond to a received 'u' character using 8N1 protocol. The response
    be the integer value.
    ACLK = BRCLK = LFXT1 = 32768Hz, MCLK = SMCLK = DCO ~1.2MHz
    Baud rate divider with 32768Hz XTAL @9600 = 32768Hz/9600 = 3.41
     * An external watch crystal is required on XIN XOUT for ACLK * 

Have you got an idea at my problem ? 

Thank you for your help

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