at91 choices for my

Started by Rick February 8, 2004
Rick wrote:
> > Oops, sorry about that. I need either fast (5usec max) 4 byte accesses from the > external flash or enough internal sram (about 32k x 8) to buffer a block of > information which would allow for slower flash access. Ideally I would like to > have a small amount of flash (maybe 512K to, amazing what is small > these days) to hold the main program and some fixed test data and a removable > media (compact flash or smart card) of up to xxx megabytes (I guess 64Meg is ok, > but its getting where you can't even buy compact flash that small, heh heh). I > need to transfer 200K bytes/sec of information from the flash, but it can be in > bursts if I have a cache of fast access sram. > > I have other projects in mind for the AT91, so this is both an oportunity to > learn the chip and its tools without a lot of cash investment. I want to start > with a development board, but I will be doing the small run of custom boards.
In that case, take a look at the Philips and OKI ARM MCUs. The Philips parts do not have an external data bus (one will be out later this year), but they have a version that will do most if not all of what you want. The OKI part meets all of your requirements other than the DAC. It comes in a version, the ML67Q5003 which has 512 kB Flash, 32 kB RAM, 4 - 10 bit ADC, 2 PWM outputs, 16550 UART, SIO, 40+ GPIO and hardware SPI and I2C interfaces. Did I miss anything? :) So an OKI MCU and a DAC SPI or I2C chip should meet all of your requirements, no? -- Rick "rickman" Collins Ignore the reply address. To email me use the above address with the XY removed. Arius - A Signal Processing Solutions Company Specializing in DSP and FPGA design URL 4 King Ave 301-682-7772 Voice Frederick, MD 21701-3110 301-682-7666 FAX