Watchdog for an embedded Linux-based system

Started by pozz March 13, 2017
On 14.3.2017 г. 20:07, Don Y wrote:
> On 3/14/2017 10:28 AM, Dimiter_Popoff wrote: >> On 14.3.2017 г. 18:09, Don Y wrote: >>> Hi Dimiter, >>> >>> On 3/14/2017 3:01 AM, Dimiter_Popoff wrote: >>> >>>>> Don't use a watchdog to fix a DESIGN PROBLEM. Find a new vendor. >>>>> (How can you have confidence in your product if one of the main >>>>> components >>>>> can't even meet its minimal performance requirements?) >>>> >>>> this is how they do things nowadays, not much we can do about it. >>> >>> Well, *I* can certainly not contribute to the practice! If you've >>> got a "slow leak" in a tire, do you drive around with a *pump* in >>> the trunk (forever!) or do you fix the leak? >> >> What they seem to do in that situation is to put a larger tire over >> the leaky one, pump a few kilograms of glue between the two and >> move on.... > > But, that would *solve* the problem -- assuming they similarly > increased the size of the remaining tires.
Touch the other 3 units which still work? You must be kidding. And the solution would be typical: add a few kilograms of weight to the car (tire +glue), make that wheel wobbly (the glue won't be spread evenly and who would care about balancing a fix like this) so the ride will be bumpy, never mind the vibrations might pull the whole thing apart and kill someone - "on very rare occasions".... :).
> ..... > > I still have that code (I have *everything* I've ever designed/written)
Me too - almost. I lost a little of my earliest work (a few floppies) but I have never needed that. Dimiter