No Ethernet on RCM6750 after porting code from 5750

Started by pascas January 19, 2018
i have to port some code, which works on the RCM5750, to the RCM 6750. At
the beginning I had some trouble with larger Arrays. Got the error message
"Out of variable data space", fixed it by using the far qualifier for  a
large array and resizing the  rootspace from 0x04 to 0x06. I changed the
size with changing the define ROOT_SIZE_4K=0x06.
After that, I'm able to run the code without getting errors. But I can't
receive Telegrams via Ethernet. It seems the controller gets an connection
but is not able to receive correct messages. 
I'm pretty clueless where to look for the failure. 
Thirst thought was , its related to the different  clockrates. But after
checking the sysconfig.lib, the boardtypes.lib, the Rabbit 6000 and the
Rabbit 5000 Manual the clockrates should be fine. 

To be honest it's the first time that I have to "optimze" a bigger project
where I have to resize spacesizes. Is there maybe the problem. I have som
e bigger arrays which are already initialized  at the beginning at the

I'm thankfull for any help.

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