Syntax of udp_rcv NUCLEUS RTOS

Started by Crispin Jacob February 1, 2005
I am new to nucleus RTOS. I am using nucleus PLUS 1.3 and source is
already manipulated for our product development.
I am trying to implement a simple UDP client and server .
But i couldnt find any socket APIs(example- NU_Socket..but it is in
the new version[i dont have it]).
However i found the following two in nucleus source code which i use.

void udp_rcv(packet *p, void *cookie)
void udp_send_to(packet *p, inaddr_t host, unsigned fport, unsigned

Could you please explain the syntax of the above functions?Especially
of udp_rcv.Or can i use any other APIs?
I am not exactly sure what you are asking. Nucleus PLUS is a kernel
only and does not include UDP networking functionality. Do you have
Nucleus NET, the networking stack from Accelerated Tech? NU_Socket is
part of the stack as well as other UDP related functions, NU_Send_To(),
NU_Recv_From(), etc.