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Started by Josias R. P. Langoni March 10, 2005

Does anybody have recent numbers on the current marked share of the
main RTOS players? I see claims from some manufacturers or even in some
articles around the internet but I would like to have the research data
that support them. Pointers to recent market share research (not
necessarily free as in gratis) are also welcome.

Thank you in advance.


With a bit of googling I found the following link.

EventStudio 2.5 -
Real-time and Embedded System Modeling with Sequence Diagrams

Yes, I had found it too but I mistakingly disregarded it because of the
"Asia" on the title. Yet after a quick browsing through the document I
couldn't find the information I was after. Or at least not as detailed
as I would like and need. It mentions Linux and several Windows breeds
as realtime systems (perhaps Linux with RTLinux or RTAI extensions) and
VxWorks and put all the others players as "others" hiding the
information I am looking for: it confirms VxWorks as a strong contender
but doesn't show their main competitors (other than Linux and Windows.)

As very different product categories are contemplated in this poll, I
wonder how the players do in categories (life/security critical apps)
in which Linux and Windows are possibly not the best choice (consumer
and telecom sum nearly 50% of the end markets in that poll.)
Considering 55% of the respondents were Chinese, I think it is
reasonable to inferr commodities had significant weight in this poll.

So I guess the question is still open. I browsed Dataquest's site but
it seems they haven't done any recent poll on RTOS market. I wonder if
there is other organization which has done it and that I could have
missed in my search.



One option would be to visit:

and use the "contact us" button to send your query.

EventStudio 2.5 -
Real-time and Embedded System Modeling with Sequence Diagrams