Update about Ada-Europe Conferences 2019 and 2020

Started by Dirk Craeynest June 29, 2019
Subject: Update about Ada-Europe Conferences 2019 and 2020

The 24th edition of Ada-Europe's International Conference on Reliable
Software Technologies took place on 11-14 June in Warsaw, Poland, with
considerable success.

The conference, graciously hosted by the Institute of Aviation, had
nearly 100 participants, enjoyed a rich technical and social program,
and saw much active interaction between participants, presenters,
and exhibitors.

For your information, the following material is now available online:
- the "Conference Booklet" in PDF, which contains the abstracts of all
  presentations in the core program (see first section on [1]);
- copies of conference presentations
  (see "Download" links in "Conference Core Schedule" table on [1]);
- copies of DeCPS workshop presentations
  (see "Download links in "Program" table on [2]);
- pictures of the exhibition booths (see final part of [3]).

[1] www.ada-europe.org/conference2019/overview.html
[2] www.ada-europe.org/conference2019/workshops.html
[3] www.ada-europe.org/conference2019/sponsors.html

As announced in Warsaw, next year's conference will be held in
Santander, Spain, in the week of 8-12 June 2020.

The preliminary Call for Contributions is already available on the
(mini) conference web site at [4].  More details will follow later.

[4] www.ada-europe.org/conference2020/

On this occasion, the Ada-Europe Board announces a slight update of
the name of its conference series:
- the complete name is "25th Ada-Europe International Conference on
   Reliable Software Technologies";
- the short name is "Ada-Europe Conference 2020";
- the acronym is "AEiC 2020".

Hence on social media when referring to the Ada-Europe organization
we'll use #AdaEurope, and when referring to next year's Ada-Europe
Conference we'll use #AEiC2020.

Dirk Craeynest, Ada-Europe 2019 & 2020 Publicity Chair