available toroids

Started by Hul Tytus January 17, 2020
	I've been looking for a toroid with a cross section area (one side) of 
probably 2 or 3 square centimeters and an id of about 10 or 12 mm. The 
intended inductor is about 14 micro henries and will handle between 40 to 80  
amps in a flyback power supply at, again probably, 100 kc. 
	Fair-Rite, Micrometals, and Magnetics show, at the desired id, cross 
sections typically less than 1 sqcent. Greater cross sections show greater 
id's and consequently greater lengths. These toroids would result in windings 
using only a portion of available space with the rest of the toroid doing 
nothing but dissipating power.
	Anyone know of some suppliers that have the bulky type of toroids that are 
required in this case? Or, perhaps, another approach to limit the dissipation?