iPod Mini Housing/Case

Started by Unknown July 1, 2005
I'm looking for a housing/case for a low volume product. The product
will be a 9cm x 5cm x 2cm PCB with USB connector and some LED
indicators. Anyone know of a company that could supply me with
something like the rather cool iPod Mini housing ? I want to avoid
large upfront tooling etc costs.



I've worked with these guys in the past,, they are located in Mexico,
labor is very cheap, I have them do assembly too, quotes were about 1/3
of US quotes. Draw the item on a napkin and they will go with that.

However now mainland china is the place to go, about half the mexico
rate and higher quality. Surprisingly China works with low volume
customers too, any customers for that matter,  they seem to have a
billion people waiting for your order, how do you get in contact with
mainland china? is the place I use, for instance, for pcb's

I emailed 5 places, got 3 emailed quotes back, emailed gerbers and sent
money (kinda scary) and a week later I received a package with the
craziest postage marks on it you've ever seen, and product of high
quality inside, very neat, I feel like Wal-mart!

Thanks Joep. Alibaba looks interesting; will follow up.