In-Circuit programming of XC9500XL with PIC18F

Started by Rob Young October 31, 2005
I'm interested to know if anyone has successfully programmed a Xilinx 
XC9500XL CPLD with a PIC18F using the Xilinx JTAG/TAP port.  I've been 
reading Xilinx app note 058 and it looks feasible.  The inbound data stream 
(SVF or XSVF file) would be coming into the PIC18F via a USB connection. 
This is for the purposes of occasional field-upgrades, not the frequent 
reconfigurations you would have with an FPGA using the USB & PIC combination 
to eliminate its boot PROM.


It's possible. Been doing it for years.

However, still using Foundation 3.1i because the .svf file generated is a
reasonable size. I load the .xvf image into the uC flash memory then
launch the JTAG flash routine.

Did an .xvf to .h (Const data) translator in Delphi to link to HiTech-18