AVR + USB Memory stick

Started by Unknown December 26, 2005
On Tue, 27 Dec 2005 13:54:28 +0100, "Ulf Samuelsson"
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> ><Ray> skrev i meddelandet >news:43b01341$0$25854$ >>I want to build an small data logger based around ATMEL's 8535 (or one of >>the AVR Mega). >> I need to log around 300MBytes of data. USB memory sticks are cost >> effective storage mediums. Is there a simple way to interface a USB memory >> stick with an ATMEL microcotroller? >> >> Ray >> >> > >The advantage of the USB memory stick is that many people have one and >they are easy to connect to just about any PC. >The SD/MMC is easier to connect to the AVR but will require a memory reader >on most PCs. > >Check >There is someone which has a ready application for SD connection >and sells the source code etc. for about $130 >I think they use a mega128. > >A part with external bus might be good if you want to use Compactflash.
Oops (the previous wwas ReadOnly This should be RW Read a little furtheron page for sd/mmc Carsten