Sed1335 with LPC2294

Started by bugfixer January 3, 2006
Hello to you all.

Has anybody used successfully the SED1335 device in bus mode with LPC
2294 (the ARM7 from Philips)?

I'm using a Phytec development board, which uses the A2 address bus as
the lowest bit for the addresses. The register BCFG3 seem to correctly

BCFG3 -->  0x0000FBEF

bit memory access, RBLE = 0, IDCY=15,  WST1=31, WST2=31.

I have also set PINSEL2 to 0x0E6149E4, using the bus in A2-A23,
enabling CS3 (at address 0x83000000).

The symptom is that when I write to 0x83000000 A2 does not go to 1.

Any idea? 

thank you in advance -- bugfixer

Oh, a typo:

"The symptom is that when I write to 0x83000001 A2 does not go to 1. "

is the correct information.

oops, sorry. Now A2 moves. I have to write to 0x83000004 to make it
move. Sorry. I hope this at least helps somebody else.

-- bugfixer