Using 8051 UART to interface with MatLab

Started by b_ma...@pacific.edu February 13, 2006
I have project for school where we are using the Cygnal 8051
mircocontroller to capture acceleration. My part of the  project is to
take the data stored in memory and use MatLab to produce graphs and
such. My question is where do i get started... how can i directly
interface the 8051 with Matlab.


At first I though UART wouldn't be possible as I didn't think Matlab
was that complicated. Though a quick google i found this link that
proves me wrong: http://cnx.rice.edu/content/m12062/latest/

Do you need live data. It would be easier to just use Hyperterminal or
a simular program to capture then malipulate the data to suit.

I would think you first need to write the serial driver on the 8051
using the SCI port. And then you can worry about using Matlab once you
can see the messages from the microcontrolelr in Hyperterminal.

For the serial data.
1. Start with a byte for the message identifier of the device the
messgae is intended.
2. Length of the Bytes in message.
3. Data .....
4. Checksum