USB driver for Philips ISP1362

Started by David February 27, 2006
Hi all,
I have a board with two Philips ISP1362 USB controllers. We want to use one
of them in host mode and the other one in peripheral mode. We do not need to
have the OTG functionality. VxWorks 6.2 does not support this chip directly,
but we hope that we can modify the OHCD driver to work with the ISP1362
chip. Has anybody already tried to do this?

Thanks in advance

I have used the ISP1161A1 (OTG) controller, utilizing the host
controller portion.  That chip interfaces to the 'main computer'
through a 16 bit data bus and 1 address line to select a command and
data port.  Is thie ISP1362 similar?

My (limited) experience with VxWorks lead me to believe that VxWorks
treats devices as file IO (read, write, etc) much like linux does.
What you may need to do is write a driver (that gets embedded in the
kernel?)  to translate these file operations into bus operations to
handle the USB controller.