How to program AT91SAM7S64's flash using a JTAG parallel cable?

Started by Ken March 8, 2006
>yes I know all that. LPC21xx is supported by the openocd, SAM7 isnt >easy as that. >so whatever path is taken there is custom programming required to >program the SAM7 with or without the used of openocd > >Antti > >
SAM7 support is included since today (Thanks to Magnus Lundin). I couldn't test it myself, so please report back if you experience any problems. Regards, Dominic
yes, so I wasnt so wrong saying it isnt there, i noticed the 'march 10'
date (e.g. today) on the SAM7 support :)

I can test on 2 different boards sam7s64 olimex and custom board
sam7s256 (3 devices in chain)