WiFi Compactflash card w Linux drivers?

Started by Ulf Samuelsson March 27, 2006
Is there any good CompactFlash WiFi cards with Linux drivers out there which 
is not going obsolete short term?

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 Don't think so. CF is going away from PDAs, which is the market that
drove this niche a couple of years ago. Today PDAs come with the wlan
chipsets incorporated. Even wlan SDIO cards and USB dongles are a shaky
market for devices, and companies are focusing on Windows (Pocket

 I used the Netgear MA201 for a project last year, which was the most
Linux-friendly CF card I could find. It is getting very difficult to
source now. I also tried a D-Link card but it was not very reliable
under Linux. I don't know if this one is easy to get hold to.

 Is USB not an option for you? You can use something that uses the
Ralink chips. I don't know if any company (in Asia, perhaps) is willing
to continue manufacturing CF cards for M2M devices. Perhaps you can go
through the WiFi Linux resources
[] and ask in the
mailing lists.


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