ICD 2 for PIC12F509

Started by April 19, 2006
I'm trying to program/debug an 8 pin PIC12F509 (8 pin version with 8
DIP packaging) with the AC162059 header.  The MPLAB IDE claims that the
chip is there, and I try and program it and it all claims that it was
sucessfull...when in fact the pic wasn't even in the socket.  Also, it
seems to "simulate" the chip wihout the chip in there.  When I try and
download the file registers while in debug mode there is a bunch of
garbage.  Another thing is when I program it and click "verify" the
MPLAB claims that the chip is correctly programmed (again with no pic
in the socket).  Also it seems to remember it I erased the chip or not
and will indicate wether or not it is blank as if there was a PIC in
the socket...all of course without anything in the socket.  Is this
thing busted or am I missing something fundamental.  Perhaps it's the
way this thing operates.  Also, when I place the PIC in the
socket...the voltage on the positive pin goes way too low.  This is all
while I have the 9 volt additional power plugged in. And, also I get
this error no matter what operation I'm doing...and even if the chip is
in there...:

"ICDWarn0044:  Target has an invalid calibration memory value (0x0).

Any ideas?

Hi James,

all I know is that the 12F509 (and all other types with 12bit 
instructions) don't support a device ID (12F629 and so on do this), so a 
programmer can't check the right chip. Please read the programming manual.