Dumb RTOS Question

Started by Unknown August 24, 2006
On 26 Aug 2006 01:45:38 -0700, wrote:

>Daniel wrote:
>> You should match your RTOS to your problem, not the other way round. >> Implement message queues when you see a need for them, not because >> everybody does it. > >Yes, I think I need to reconsider my situation. I was brought in to >help on a project where the wonderful RTOS was supposed to make >everything easy. I don't know a thing about RTOS's and can't really >tell if anyone else does. I'm supposed to do the menu and the other >guys are doing the low level stuff, so the menu will be monitoring >various events and reacting to them.
This is a good way to use an RTOS. Just put the (l)user interface into the lowest priority (NULL) task, which can be executed only when no other high priority task needs the CPU to do any real work. Paul