Unable to query target part layout!!!

Started by xtmtd August 29, 2006
   When I   work  with the xilinx  edk(ver8.1),  after buttoning  down the
� download  bitstream�, I want to make a bootloader from the  external
flash ,but a problem still baffles me all the time, when I pressed the
�program flash memory�, here is  the context showed to me..-------------
At Local date and time: Mon Aug 28 09:39:00 2006
xmd -tcl flashwriter.tcl started...
Xilinx Microprocessor Debug (XMD) Engine
Xilinx EDK 8.1.02 Build EDK_I.20.4
Copyright (c) 1995-2005 Xilinx, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Executing xmd script : C:/EDK/data/xmd/flashwriter.tcl
Flashwriter starting...
Connecting to target...
Connecting to cable (Parallel Port - LPT1).
Checking cable driver.
Driver windrvr6.sys version =
LPT base address = 0378h.
ECP base address = 0778h.
Cable connection established.

JTAG chain configuration
Device   ID Code        IR Length    Part Name
1       0127e093          14        XC2VP30
2       05058093          16        XCF16P

XMD: Connected to PowerPC target. Processor Version No : 0x200108a0
Address mapping for accessing special PowerPC features from XMD/GDB:
    I-Cache (Data)  :  Disabled
    I-Cache (Tag)   :  Disabled
    D-Cache (Data)  :  Disabled
    D-Cache (Tag)   :  Disabled
    ISOCM           :  Start Address  -  0x24800000, Size - 16384 bytes
    TLB             :  Disabled
    DCR             :  Disabled

INFO:MDT - Assumption: Selected Device 1 for debugging.

Connected to "ppc" target. id = 0
Starting GDB server for "ppc" target (id = 0) at TCP port no 1234
Opening image file to be programmed...done.
Setting up Flashwriter sources for compilation --
Copying flashwriter sources from C:/EDK/data/xmd/flashwriter/src to
Compiling flashwriter (CFI Query Mode)...
Target reset successfully
Downloading flashwriter to memory...
        section, .text: 0xfffe0000-0xfffe0cec
        section, .init: 0xfffe0cec-0xfffe0d10
        section, .fini: 0xfffe0d10-0xfffe0d30
        section, .sdata2: 0xfffe0d30-0xfffe0d30
        section, .sbss2: 0xfffe0d30-0xfffe0d30
        section, .data: 0xfffe0d30-0xfffe0f20
        section, .gcc_except_table: 0xfffe0f20-0xfffe0f20
        section, .eh_frame: 0xfffe0f20-0xfffe0f28
        section, .jcr: 0xfffe0f28-0xfffe0f2c
        section, .fixup: 0xfffe0f2c-0xfffe0f2c
        section, .got1: 0xfffe0f2c-0xfffe0f2c
        section, .got2: 0xfffe0f2c-0xfffe0f48
        section, .ctors: 0xfffe0f48-0xfffe0f50
        section, .dtors: 0xfffe0f50-0xfffe0f58
        section, .got: 0xfffe0f58-0xfffe0f58
        section, .sdata: 0xfffe0f58-0xfffe0f70
        section, .sbss: 0xfffe0f70-0xfffe0f80
        section, .bss: 0xfffe0f80-0xfffe13b0

Downloaded Program ./etc/flashwriter/flashwriter.elf

Setting PC with program start addr = 0xfffe0000

PC reset to 0xfffe0000, Clearing MSR Register

/etc/flashwriter/flashwriter.elf :: rcvptr(0xfffe0f6c):    0xfffe0d38

/etc/flashwriter/flashwriter.elf :: sndptr(0xfffe0f68):    0xfffe0d4c

/etc/flashwriter/flashwriter.elf :: membufptr(0xfffe0f58):    0xfffe0f70

/etc/flashwriter/flashwriter.elf :: membufsiz(0xfffe0f5c):    0x00000004
Setting breakpoint at 0xfffe01c4
Performing CFI Query on the flash part(s)...Processor started.
 Type "stop" to stop processor

XMD% ERROR: Flashwriter application reported an error: Unable to query
target part layout!

Processor started. Type "stop" to stop processor
Flashwriter terminating !


  What causes this problem? And What should I do to solve  the problem? 
The flash I use is AM29LV040B-70JC.thanks