Interrupt driven UART

Started by October 12, 2006
CBFalconer wrote:
> galapogos wrote: > > > > Another question. Is there any way an MCU can provide a clock to > > another UART device? I'm asking because I'm trying to emulate > > ISO7816 via a regular UART, and the smart card needs a 1-5MHz > > clock(ideally 3.5712MHz for 9600baud) and I'm trying to reduce > > cost and not having a separate osc for the card. > > What has this got to do with anything? You failed to quote any > preceding material. > > -- > Chuck F (cbfalconer at maineline dot net) > Available for consulting/temporary embedded and systems. > <>
Yeah coz it's another new question that doesn't have much to do with the earlier ones, but still UART related.